High speed barbed wire making machine for sales



The barbed wire-making machine produces barbed wire. Barbed wire is used for protection use, in playground fences, livestock feeding or national border, in national defense, agriculture, animal husbandry, expressway, etc.

1. Raw material: galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, etc.
2. Steel cover on moving part for safety protection.
3. Guiding system to avoid wire mixed.
4. One worker can operate multiple machines.
5. The machine equips with a counter to count the number of barbs for calculating barbed wire length.
6. The wire pay-off can bear about 200KG wires.
7.No fumigation wooden box package.
8. The machine is suitable for high tensile wire.
CS-A—Main wire diameter≤800MPA; Barbed wire diameter≤700MPA.
CS-B—Main wire diameter no limit; Barbed wire diameter≤700MPA.
CS-C—Main wire diameter ≤1300MPA; Barbed wire diameter≤700MPA.

CS-A is a normal twisted barbed wire machine.
CS-B is a single high-speed barbed wire machine.
CS-C is a double reverse twist barbed wire machine.